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Monday, 08 October 2018 09:25

Hyena Captured Again

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Last week, representatives of the Nature and Parks Authority informed the city’s veterinarian that they caught the hyena that had been roaming around the Reut and Moriah neighborhoods. The hyena was treated by professionals from the Nature and Parks Authority and then released in an…
Wednesday, 03 October 2018 16:45

Enforcement of Electric Bike Law

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In preparation for the implementation of the municipal enforcement policy on electric bicycles, the city’s police will be giving out warnings to electric bike riders who don’t follow the policy. A few months ago, the Iriyah approved the enforcement policy on this issue. As of…
Tuesday, 02 October 2018 11:39

New School in Nofim

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The school year has just began and the Iriyah has already started preparing for next year. Around two weeks ago, work began on building an elementary school on Rechov Ya’ar Hazeroah in the Nofim neighborhood. The first stage of construction is expected to last a…
Tuesday, 02 October 2018 11:28

Update on Keshet Modiin

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Work continues on “Keshet Modiin” which will connect Modiin to the fast train to Jerusalem. The work, at a cost of around 330 million shekels, began a year and a half ago and is expected to be completed at the end of 2019, beginning of…
Thursday, 20 September 2018 13:01

Road Closures for the Circus Festival 2018

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The International Circus Festival returns to Modiin Maccabim Reut for the seventh year on Chol Hamoed Sukkot. The circus will be in the city Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (September 25-27) between 18:00 and 22:00. There will be changes in traffic patterns and road closures while…
Wednesday, 12 September 2018 17:19

New Signs at the Modiin Cemetery

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The Iriyah and the Economic Development Company are currently upgrading signs at the city’s cemetery. The signs include a clear and organized map of the cemetery, as well as signs based on mapping of the burial plots. The city is also working on a project…
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