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The Economic Company Looks Back on the City Pool's First Swimming Season

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The Economic Company Looks Back on the City Pool's First Swimming Season

Last August, the Modiin Maccabim Reut City Pool opened its doors for the first time ever for a two-month swimming season. The season ended around 2 weeks ago, and the Economic Company for City Development, who is responsible for the pool, took a look back on the data they had been collecting since the opening.


16,584 people visited the pool during the month of August. This figure does not include the first three days that the pool was open, when an estimated 2,000 swimmers took advantage of the pool's free entrance. 3,275 swimmers visited the pool during September, a decrease that was expected by the Economic Company due to school being back in session. Overall the total 20,000 swimmers that visited the pool during the swimming season exceeded the Economic Company's initial estimates.

These figures were reflected in the pool's financial turnover, since it was not even supposed to be profitable during the first year according to its business plan. During this period, the pool was supposed to lose 450,000 shekels. However, due to its huge amount of visitors and the rigorous use of manpower and workers at the pool, its financial loss will add up to less than 100,000 shekels.


During the swimming season, the Modiin Maccabim Reut municipality only received twenty complaints from residents relating to the pool -- a tiny amount in relation to the number of visitors. Seven complaints had to do with the separate swimming hours for secular and religious residents and seven were about ticket prices and discounts. Two more were about handicap accessibility at the pool, and individual complaints were filed about safety, chugim, returning to the pool twice in one day, and more. The pool's management have also noted that quite a few residents turned to their office expressing thanks and appreciation.

"We are looking back on the pool's swimming season with satisfaction and success," said Economic Company CEO Doron Barak. "There are always difficulties and "birth pains" at the beginning that must be dealt with and learned from. The lessons and conclusions will already be implemented during the next swimming season. The pool will reopen to the public during the month of May, when the residents will also be offered the opportunity to purchase memberships. Until then, we will finish building and populating the second floor, which will include a fitness facility and a studio for different chugim and activities that will be held at the location. I wish to thank the pool's management and the dedicated team of workers for their wonderful work, and of course the city's residents that "voted with their feet," gave us their trust and enjoyed the pool."


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