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Security Cameras in Cramim

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Security Cameras in Cramim Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Over the past two weeks, the security cameras installed in the Cramim neighborhood have become operational. The installation of the cameras constitutes an additional layer of security in the neighborhood and in the city in general, in addition to the deterrent and security measures that have already been implemented. The sophisticated cameras will be able to identify vehicles, colors and other details to identify criminal elements on the ground. The system broadcasts to the municipal security center and also enables the police to collect data according to parameters determined by the police, which are documented by the cameras, if necessary.

The security cameras are part of the pilot program by the Security and Emergency Department and the police. The pilot program will be scrutinized by the police and the Iriyah with the goal of expanding it to other neighborhoods in the city. The security cameras are part of the "smart city" project that the Iriyah has been implementing in recent years, which enables technology to provide quality and efficient service to residents in many areas such as cleaning, security and more.

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