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Forum to Improve Public Transportation

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Forum to Improve Public Transportation Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Mayor Haim Bibas convened the forum on improving public transportation, which he will head. Also participating in the forum are Deputy Mayor Ilan Ben Saadon, Deputy Mayor Moish Levy, council members Baruch Bochnick and Gilad Behari, Director of the Iriyah Yoram Carmon and director of the Services Department Yaacov Cohen. Representatives of Kaviim will also participate as well as residents, Or Greenfeld and Yossi Avivi.

The forum opened with words from Mayor Haim Bibas, who mentioned that on the eve of the elections, he announced that he would bring to his attention the issue of improvement in public transport in the city. He also said that in the city’s budget for 2019 emphasis was placed on the subject of service to residents in general and public transport in particular. A city call center will be opened in January for the travelling public. This center will be used for public transportation inquiries and will hire another employee, who will coordinate the residents' inquiries in this field and will work in cooperation with the Kavim Public Inquiries Center. The Iriyah noted that this employee is not a substitute for Kavim's service and information center, but rather an additional resource of requests from residents and its role to receive and coordinate public inquiries and to work towards solutions for streamlining the service and improving the city's transportation system.

In addition, the Iriyah will lead a process to operate an app whose function will be to transmit to public transportation users, in real time, information about the location of the buses (in contrast to the current application which estimates when the bus is expected to reach the station). Through this app, the residents will be able to adapt themselves to the arrival of the buses, and the municipality will be able to monitor in real time the conduct of the buses, their compliance with timetables and the quality of their service.

At the meeting, it was also decided that the city’s inspectors will begin increasing enforcement against owners of vehicles parked illegally outside the Transportation Center. This area is only for public transportation to pick up and drop off passengers. Cars parked in this area will be fined according to the law.

There are four parking lots in the area of the Transportation Center where cars can park for free: the parking lot across from the mall with 400 spots, parking lot at the northern entrance to Park Anabe with 100 parking spots, parking lot on Emek Zevulun (across from Anabe) with 120 parking spots and the parking lot by the Sports Center and pool with 350 spots.

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