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Get to Know Modiin's Next Great Park: Emek Zvulun

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Get to Know Modiin's Next Great Park

The Modiin Maccabim Reut Municipality, in cooperation with the Economic Company for the City's Development, is currently working on developing and completing the Zvulun valleys located in Avanai Chen.

In the part, the Emek Zvulun parks' (along with the rest of the city's parks) development was carried out by the Ministry of Housing. Around two months ago, however, the project was transfered to the Economic Company following a municipality request. The municipality then held coordinating meetings with the company, in which they transfered the project's planning and management to them.

In order to keep the costs of the development projects lows and raise their levels of completion, the company assigned several sub-committees designated to the park's gardening and development, installation of play facilities, and installation of park shading. All of these operations will take place simultaneously with the road stratification and sidewalk arranging dictated by the Ministry of Housing.

The development work will take place in three simultaneous stages, which will include completion and restoration of park trails and integrated asphalt and stone paths, tree planting, installing irrigation systems, planting vegetation, and installing drinking fountains, garbage cans, public benches and pergolas.

Several game tables will be placed at the park, including ping-pong tables and embedded board games. The concrete compound currently located at the center of the valley will be uploaded, and will be replaced with an extreme sports compound for roller-blading, skateboarding, and extreme biking.

Play facilities will be placed throughout the park for the enjoyment of the neighborhood's residents, and will be sorted by age groups. The area between Ya'akov Dori St. and Moshe Dayan St. will feature a play facility for older children, including a "spider" climbing facility, carousal rodeo, and a spinning disk, as well as a separate play area for toddlers. The area between Chativa St. and Ya'akov Dori St. will feature a play structure for children with special needs, which will a wheelchair swing and several games which are accessible when seated. Several picnic tables will also be located at this specific compound. A climbing structure and playground for toddlers (such as toddlers swings and spring structures with characters) will also be added to the existing structure at the end of the valley towards the Employment Zone. In order to ensure maximum safety, all of the structures will be built on rubber surfaces and will be completely shaded. The Economic Company will soon examine the possibility of installing additional structures and shading to the valley's parks based on their current budget.

Mayor Haim Bibas has also instructed the company to create a dog park in the valley, in accordance with his previous promise. The dog park will be located next to the corner of Hativa Sheva St., west of the valley's commercial center.

The dog park's existence is conditional to the process of changing the designated land, which is currently taking place. Those residing in the apartments next to the building received a request last week to approve the use of the area, and appropriate signs were placed on location.

The park's location stretches approximately 750 meters, and will be surrounding by a fence 1.8 meters high. The entrances and exits will be double-gated, in order to ensure that the dogs, who will be permitted to run freely within the park, do not escape. Public benches will be installed for the dog owners -- and play areas for the dogs! These structures will include a balance beam, jump, hoop, doggy water-fountain, and sandy play area. Proper bags will of course be provided for collecting animal waste, and signs with the park's guidelines will be installed.

The municipality and the Economic Company stated that the development and completion work will carry out for approximately four months, and apologized in advance for any inconvenience caused to the residents because of it. The municipality has, however, ensured the residents that the hassle will be worth it: they claim that when completed, the valley will be one of the nicest and most attractive parks in the city.

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