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Modiin Tops Charts for Army Recruitment

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Modiin Tops Charts for Army Recruitment Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Modiin Maccabim Reut is one of the leading cities in recruitment rates according to the statistics released this week. The city ranks first for boys recruitment and fourth for girls recruitment.

According to the statistics for 2015 (children born in 1997):

  • The men in the city: 88.9% enlisted, 57% to combat units, 15.3% became officers
  • The women in the city: 82.5% enlisted, 15% became officers (#1 in the country for female officers)
  • MOR High School ranks #1 for girls’ enlistment
  • Ironi Alef ranked #5 for girls’ enlistment
  • Ulpana Orot Modiin ranked in the top ten religious schools for girls’ enlistment, with one in five that go into the army, continuing to serve as officers

Recruitment is one of the city’s greatest pride and attests to the quality of the youth and to the formal and informal educational system in the city but mainly thanks to the youth themselves, who are active in youth movements and volunteer in organizations. The city has activities throughout the year to encourage enlistment. There are many army training and preparation courses in the city. The city’s high schools prepare the students for their tzav rishon (first call-up) including a tour of the recruiting office.

There is also the “Tzevet Yonatan” army preparation course run by Amutat Sachlavim for more than 10 years in the city. Each year, around 150 boys and girls from grades 10-12 participate in the course. The course gives youth the tools to cope with challenging and diverse physical tasks while gradually developing physical and mental fitness. Students learn to work in teams and train for try-outs for elite units.

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