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Security Update

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Security Update Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Due to the escalation down south, this morning, the Iriyah assessed the city's preparations for emergency evacuation and preparing the city for emergencies. According to Home Front Command, as of this morning, there are no changes in the guidelines for behavior of residents in the city. The Iriyah will be publishing updates on the city's website and Facebook page. The website, as well as the city’s call center, will be reinforced when necessary, in case of escalation in our area, so that it can respond to requests from residents.

Modiin Maccabim Reut belongs to Hashefela 181 (השפלה 181) – if you hear a siren then get to a protected area within 90 seconds and stay there for at least 10 minutes after the siren ends. Residents who are outside should get to a shelter in one of the commercial centers or enter a building and go up to the second floor and wait there.

Visit the Home Front Command website for instructions on how to behave in an emergency situation or call their call center 104.

The city of Modiin was built after the decision to build every house with a mamad so is thought to be one of the safest cities in the country. Some of the houses in Maccabim and Reut were also built with a mamad but most are close to public shelters. The city’s Security Department conducted tours of all the public shelters under their responsibility and stated that they were clean and ready for the residents. It should be emphasized that as of Tuesday, according to the instructions of the Home Front Command, the shelters are still closed. It should be noted that the municipality is ready to open the shelters quickly and that the shelters are well maintained and are available and ready for any occasion.

The Security Department is working with the schools and preschools to ensure that they are prepared in case of emergency. Regarding the shelters in the public centers, in accordance with the instructions of the Home Front Command, the Security Department will contact the public institutions in the city, mall and commercial centers in order to update them to prepare the shelters under their responsibility.

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