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Modiin Safest City for Senior Citizens

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Modiin Safest City for Senior Citizens Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

A report from “Or Yarok” studying traffic accidents involving senior citizens in cities around the county, found that Modiin Maccabim Reut is the safest city for senior citizens. The findings are the result of analysis of data from Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics indicating that the percentage of accidents in the city involving seniors is one of the lowest in Israel. The municipality has invested considerable resources in recent years in a multi-year urban plan for traffic and road safety. This program includes constant inspection by professionals to improve road safety and the construction of various elements such as speed bumps, elevated pedestrian crossings and roundabouts, which significantly increase safety for pedestrians and cars on the road. In addition, the roundabouts help to moderate traffic in areas where there is a great deal of congestion. The city recently completed work on two roundabouts on Emek Zevulun which should help the flow of traffic and make the street safer.

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