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Hyena Captured Again

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Hyena Captured Again Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Last week, representatives of the Nature and Parks Authority informed the city’s veterinarian that they caught the hyena that had been roaming around the Reut and Moriah neighborhoods. The hyena was treated by professionals from the Nature and Parks Authority and then released in an open area around 20 kilometers from Modiin. The hyena was marked with a collar with a special GPS that allows the Nature and Parks Authority to monitor its movements.

The hyena has been seen roaming around the city during the past few months. It was captured for the first time in January by representatives of the Nature and Parks Authority and released in the southern area of Park Canada.  But that same day, the Nature and Parks Authority discovered that the hyena had returned to its familiar surroundings in the city. Now the Nature and Parks Authority hopes that the area to which it was transferred will meet its requirements.

The striped hyena, which has been in Modiin for many years, is a protected and harmless animal, which should not be harmed. Therefore, this animal is treated according to strict requirements in order not to harm the animal. It is also forbidden to feed wild animals so that they stay outside the city limits. Residents should be careful not to leave food out at night to allow the hyena to return to its safe and natural habitat.

If residents see any hyenas, they should call the Moked 106 or 08-9726020.

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