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Enforcement of Electric Bike Law

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Enforcement of Electric Bike Law Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

In preparation for the implementation of the municipal enforcement policy on electric bicycles, the city’s police will be giving out warnings to electric bike riders who don’t follow the policy. A few months ago, the Iriyah approved the enforcement policy on this issue. As of October, the municipality, in cooperation with the Modiin Police, will begin enforcing the policy. Police will give out warnings and explanations to the bike riders explaining the offence. Beginning in November, anyone caught breaking one of the laws will be fined according to the severity of the offence.

The list of offences and fines:

  • By law, riding an electric bike is only allowed from the age of 16. The fine for youth under the age of 16 riding an electric bike – 1,000 NIS
  • Talking on the phone while riding – 1,000 NIS
  • Riding on the sidewalks and endangering pedestrians – 500 NIS
  • Crossing the crosswalk on a bike – 250 NIS
  • Riding while wearing headphones – 250 NIS

There are a number of rules that riders must follow to be safe:

  • Ride in the bike lane – if there is no bike lane then ride in the right lane
  • Wear a helmet while riding
  • Don’t use a cell phone to talk, text or listen to music

The Iriyah will also be providing classes in the local schools in cooperation with “Or Yarok” to 11th and 12th grade students. The classes will provide training on the subject of proper cycling on electric bicycles, including videos and presentations for students.

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