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Clean Up after Your Dog Campaign Continues

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Clean Up after Your Dog Campaign Continues Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

As part of the city’s campaign to raise awareness of people cleaning up after their dogs, the city stamped the sidewalks this week with the slogan - "הצרכים לפח והעיר תפרח" - “dog poop in the trash and the city will flourish." This is the slogan submitted by Yotan Wagner, a student at Ofek that won the city’s slogan competition. This slogan appears on signs throughout the city and now on the city’s sidewalks. There are a total of 19 stamps on the sidewalks. Some near schools with urban nature sites: Ofek, Hayovel, Chut Hashani, Re’im, Avnei Chen, Ariel, Maoz Hamaccabim, Amit and Alonim.  Some near schools: Inbalim, Hacramim, Asif, Idanim, Darchei Yehuda, Netiv Zevulun and Dorot. Also, near the communal garden on Rechov Yissachar, the public garden on Rechov Hachasida in Tzipporim and near Park Moriah. This process is seen as a very important tool to encourage cleanliness of the streets, with students as "ambassadors" of the project in their home.

This activity ends the city’s current campaign to encourage the cleaning up after dogs with a view to the next campaign. At the same time, the Shefa Division continues through municipal supervision and the Veterinary Service to increase its enforcement activity by initiating patrols throughout the city at all hours of the day. The city noted that this is a "green" campaign, made using natural clay and chalk granules that burst into high pressure and are embedded on the pavement. This is a completely natural and green technology, and after a month and a half it is completely erased and leaves no markers.

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