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Fighting the Asian Tiger Mosquito

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Fighting the Asian Tiger Mosquito Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

As we hit the peak of the summer, the Sanitation Department is working to reduce the presence of the Asian tiger mosquito in the city, which are common in Israel and return to the city every summer season. City workers are currently taking the following actions: monitoring, locating and treating (by a licensed exterminator) the mosquito in bodies of water in public areas around the city and pest control in the city’s drainage system and open ditches.

The Asian tiger mosquito develops mainly in private homes and gardens and is slower than the average mosquito. The most effective way to prevent the hazards of mosquitoes is to deny them places to incubate, such as receptacles of standing water. The mosquitoes can develop in any source of water, even a half cup of water. The city asks for the public’s help on this matter by checking that their home sewage system is sealed, prevent any accumulation of water and puddles and make sure there is no standing water in the garden or outside the house.

Residents who want more information or to report areas with water drainage issues or suspect Asian tiger mosquitoes should contact the moked 106.

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