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The Hashmonaim Heritage Museum

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The Hashmonaim Heritage Museum Illustration courtesy Compugraphic

The City Council approved a budget of 12.3 million shekels to build the Hashmonaim Heritage Museum. The museum, which will be built in the northern section of the New City Center, will be about 660 meters and will tell the story of Modiin from the time of the Hashmonaim, through different eras and until the establishment of the modern city of Modiin. The museum will offer a multi-sensory interactive experience with exhibits made up of archeological findings from the city.

Mayor Haim Bibas said that this will be a significant advance in strengthening tourism in the city and the country because of the important historical era that it represents that is not represented in other places and is expected to draw many visitors from around the country and from outside the country. The location of the museum in the City Center integrates it with the city’s program to strengthen culture and entertainment in the city alongside stores, cafes and businesses, which will together constitute a central point and the beating heart of the city.

The director of the Economic Development Company, Michal Anbar Parpari has decided to issue two different tenders. One, which will be published in a few weeks, will deal with the physical construction of the museum and the second, which has already ended, deals with the content and interior of the museum. The Compugraphic Company was chosen in the tender to design the museum. The company has extensive experience in setting up at least two museums in the past few years and will be responsible for interior design, equipment, furniture and the contents of the museum. The company is expected to begin as soon as the building is completed, which is expected to be in around a year and a half.

At the meeting, the council members were presented with the vision for the museum, with the ultimate goal of providing a multi-sensory and interactive experience for children, families and schools. Visitors to the museum will be active participants in the story of the Hashmonaim, where they can enjoy and be entertained by the various stations, while solving riddles, uncovering mysteries and spectacular displays of archeological finds from Givat Titora and throughout the city. The physical structure of the museum will be made of a row of concrete beams, each of which represents a specific period of time, from ancient times until today. Finally, the tour will end in a futuristic and interactive theater that will bring visitors to an adventure in the time tunnel until the development of the modern city.

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