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Army Recruitment through the Schools

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Army Recruitment through the Schools Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

The army recruitment process for students in Modiin Maccabim Reut just got easier. The city was chosen as a model for the county for the “Recruitment Project” which aims to significantly streamline the recruitment process for the army. According to the national statistics of the Recruitment Office, only 50% of recruits show up for their tzav rishon (first call-up). Also, half of the reasons that people don’t receive a profile is because the documents weren’t received or there is a gap in basic information. Students miss three days of school on average to deal with the tzav rishon.

The “Recruitment Project” will streamline the process in a number of stages. The first stage will be done in schools where representatives of the Recruitment Office will come to schools to collect relevant materials from students, such as evaluations, medical examinations, questionnaires for candidates for security service, and more. This process will save manpower resources for the Recruitment Office by providing a direct and available response by the recruitment staff, preparatory meetings for students and assistance with evaluations. This will also include support from teaching staff at the schools, answers to questions about recruitment, preparatory meetings for parents and students by the Recruitment Office and more accurate information about assignments in the army.

During the second stage, the students will go to the Recruitment Office together as a group, half the grade from each school each time. This stage will make it easier for students to get to their tzav rishon and to be with their friends and a familiar group from the school, accompanied by the educational staff. This will also concentrate the loss of the school day for one day only for the half grade and thereby reduce absences due to lack of organization.

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