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Transportation News – Bus 130 and New Bus Stops

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Transportation News – Bus 130 and New Bus Stops Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin

On Tuesday, March 13 there will be an additional improvement in public transportation for residents traveling to Tel Aviv. Bus #130 will travel direct to central points in Tel Aviv, so that residents will no longer have to take two buses to get there. The bus will start its route from the new central bus station and not from Mitzpeh Modiin. It will then continue along Sederot Hachashmonaim, Tzomet Shilat and the parking lot at Mitzpeh Modiin. From there it will travel to Tel Aviv to Rechov Allenby, Sederot Rothschild and King George. All the information about Bus #130 is available on the Kaviim website.

The City Council approved the budget for 48 new covered bus stops in the city to be built this summer, before school begins. Decisions about where the new bus stops will be built will be made according to inspections and surveys carried out throughout the city by professionals from the Iriyah. The decision regarding placement of bus stops will take into account the needs of the public who use public transportation, mainly senior citizens and students. One of the main factors when building bus stops is that they are close to public buildings, such as schools, commercial centers and public buildings that serve a large portion of the city’s population.

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