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Cleaning the City for Pesach 2018

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Cleaning the City for Pesach 2018 Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin

The Sanitation Department is preparing for Pesach as it does every year. They are coordinating with the Department for Environmental Protection, the Municipal Supervision Department and the Gardens and Landscape Department for cleaning, waste disposal and tree trimming throughout the city. In order to complete the preparations in time and to avoid hazards and scrap during the holiday, this week the department asked to remind residents of the waste disposal procedures in the city. As with every holiday, the Iriyah is giving particular emphasis on enforcing the rules regarding leaving trimmings and junk on the street, on days that are not on designated days to allow the residents to enjoy a clean city during the holiday. There will be a schedule and instructions published before Pesach and there will be increased patrols throughout the city to facilitate the collection and preserve of the city's cleanliness.

Residents are asked to put out scrap and tree trimmings before the holiday on the days that are designated by neighborhood. The list of days for each neighborhood can be found on the Iriyah’s website. Also, residents should not park cars in a way that can block the garbage trucks from collecting the scrap. The trimmings and scrap should be put at the side of the road or in public parking lot on the night before collections.

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