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Road Closures for Adloyada 2018

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Road Closures for Adloyada 2018 Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin

The Adloyada will take place this Friday, February 23. Click here for Purim activities.

The parade will begin at Derech Yair Pereg and go up the northern side of Emek Hachula until Nahar Hayarden and then back to the Amphi on Emek Hachula.

Below is a list of road that will be closed between 9:30-16:00:

  • Emek Hachula from both sides from Yair Pereg down to Country Center and back
  • Emek Yizrael East will be blocked off at the junction of Nachal Bezeq
  • Emek Yizrael West will be blocked off at the junction of Emek Dotan
  • Nachal Hayarmuch will be blocked off at the junction of Emek Yizrael
  • Nachal Tzin will be blocked off at the junction of Emek Hachula and at the junction with Nachal Paran and the junction with Nachal Chever/Nachal Sorek
  • Nachal Paran will be blocked at the junction with Emek Hachula
  • Only Residents of Nachal Tzin/Paran/Kadron/Snir will be permitted to get into their homes by presenting a teudat zehut with an updated address
  • Entrance and exit to Nachal Paran will only be from Nachal Tzin
  • Residents of Emek Hachula will not be able to enter or exit their homes by car between 9:30-16:00. Cars that are parked along the Emek Hachula roads will be towed

Streets that will be closed between 9:30-14:30:

  • Nahar Hayarden will be blocked at the intersection of Emek Hachula south until 14:30
  • Nachal Gaaton (towards Emek Hachula) will be blocked off at the junction with Nachal Netafim until 14:30
  • Nachal Tavor will be blocked off till 14:30
  • From 14:30 the roads will be opened from Yair Pereg down Emek Hachula to the Sharbat Center and on the opposite side from the mall down Emek Hachula to the corner of Nahar Hayarden.

Handicap Accessibility

  • At the park adjacent to Sharbat Center, across from 32 Emek Hachula, there will be a special viewing spot for handicapped persons. It can be accessed from Emek Hachula (south) from the direction of Derech Yair Pereg. Residents with handicapped stickers on their cars are requested to contact the moked in advance to reserve a spot by calling 106 or 08-972-6020.
  • There will also be special handicap parking at the Dorot School for those marching in the parade and will be accessible from Rechov Yair Pereg via Emek HaChula – going against traffic.
  • The parade will be accessible to the visually impaired through headphones.

There will be less parking this year, due to the work on the parking lot across from Heichal Hatarbut. The parking lot across from the Azrieli Mall will open at 11:00 and parking will be free. Residents should be prepared for heavy traffic in areas near the parade. Drivers are asked not to park on sidewalks and not to block traffic.

Lost children will be taken to the entrance of the Netiv Zevulun School.

No animals, firearms, alcohol, foam sprays, bikes, electric bikes are allowed into the area of the Adloyada.

Public Transportation: Between 9:30-16:00 there will be changes in the public bus routes – bus lines that travel within the city and out of the city. Updated time schedule and bus stops can be found on the Kaviim website and the Kaviim moked *8787.

In the event of rain, the Adloyada will be postponed to Tuesday, February 27. If it rains then the Adloyada will be cancelled.

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