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Enforcement of Paid Parking in City Center

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The city will start to enforce the new parking arrangements in the City Center next week. The parking lot at Park Anabe and next to Caffit will be free for residents who have a parking pass (sticker) in their car. Next week, the city will start to give out warnings for cars without a parking pass and will begin issuing fines next month. In October, the Iriyah announced the new parking regulations for paid parking in the Park Anabe lot and Caffit parking lot for non-residents. The rest of the parking lots will remain open to all at no cost. Over the past few months, the Iriyah has issued around 11,500 parking passes, with requests still coming in from residents.

Residents who have not yet filled out the request for a parking pass can fill out the form on the Iriyah’s website or through the Iriyah’s app. Residents must submit a copy of their teudat zehut and car registration or copy of approval from leasing office. After the form is received and approved, the residents get an email listing the options for receiving the parking pass. The Iriyah said that there are hundreds of residents who have not yet responded to the email so the parking pass will be sent to their homes by mail.

The new parking regulations will allow for residents to enjoy parking at no cost in municipal parking lots as long as the parking pass is displayed on the car’s windshield, preferably top right side. The Iriyah has posted guidelines in the parking lots with details about the new parking arrangements. The Iriyah noted that just like in other cities in Israel, payment for parking in parking lots can be made online using the "Pango" and "CelloPark" applications or through the device "EasyPark". Parking for non-residents will cost 2.81 NIS per hour. There will be a 100 NIS parking fine for car owners who don’t have a parking pass and don’t pay for parking. Every parking lot will have signs with all the details and instructions regarding the new regulations and pricing.

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