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Housing Lottery Results for Moreshet

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Housing Lottery Results for Moreshet Photo credit: GraphicStock

There are 1,474 lucky young couples and families who received a message last week that they won the lottery for low-cost housing in the Moreshet neighborhood. The Moreshet neighborhood has a total of 3,607 apartments, with 2,763 low-cost apartments as part of the “Fixed Price” housing project. The first lottery took place in September for 1,289 apartments, with 256 of those apartments designated for local residents of the city. The “local resident” is defined as a person who has been registered in the population registry as a resident of Modiin Maccabim Reut for the last three consecutive years or four years out of the last ten years.

The second lottery opened in October for 1,474 apartments, with 289 allocated for residents of the city. There were 340 “local residents” registered for the 289 apartments and 6,542 competitors for the rest of the apartments. The lottery was only opened to those who qualify as “sedra alef” – young couples and those who received their eligibility certificates before August 2016.

Modiin Maccabim Reut was one of the top three places of the most attractive cities that were participating in the lottery and the number of contenders was high accordingly. Since Moreshet is a new neighborhood with a large number of apartments, there was a very reasonable chance of winning: 1 in 8 on the average in the open lotteries, and almost 1 in 2 for local residents in both lotteries together.

The low-cost housing project in Moreshet includes 16 different projects. The winners of the housing lottery are paying between 11,019 shekels per meter and 12,416 shekels per meter. The low-cost housing apartments will cost a little more than a million shekels for a three-room apartment, 1.2 million shekels for a four-room apartment and 1.4 million shekels for a five-room apartment.

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