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Security Preparations for the 2017-18 School Year

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Security Preparations for the 2017-18 School Year Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Last week, the city’s Security Department had a training day to prepare the security patrols for the upcoming school year. The training included reviewing security instructions and procedures for the security of educational institutions and personal weapons. In addition, during the summer all the employees of the Security Department underwent first aid training. The course included lectures and practice in first aid for cases of suffocation, high fever, convulsions, diabetic emergency situations, foreign body rescue, heavy bleeding, initial response to road accidents and administering CPR until medical professionals arrive.

The security patrols are the first to respond to calls throughout the city and it is important that they are able to provide the initial medical response required until the arrival of professional forces from Hatzalah and MDA. They also underwent training in the operation of the defibrillator. This is a device that returns the heart rate to regular operation by providing an electric shock to the heart, using two electrodes attached to the body. The main use of this device is in the case of sudden cardiac arrest. The Security Department has five defibrillators that are part of the first aid kits in five of the patrol cars and an additional one in the Iriyah building.

The Security Department has 26 security vehicles and two motorcycles, which includes the Iriyah’s Police Department, in which 28 policemen and supervisors are employed. There are 10 patrol cars that operate around the city’s schools. The most important job of the Security Department is to provide security to the city’s educational institutions. This begins early in the morning and continues throughout the day and into the evening. There is also a security center in the Iriyah building to deal with all the calls that come in from the city’s preschools. The call center is open whenever the preschools are open and all the preschools have a direct line to it.

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