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City Catches Builder Illegal Dumping of Dirt

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City Catches Builder Illegal Dumping of Dirt Photo courtesy Dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Last week, the Iriyah’s Security Department with the help of the Police Department set out to catch those who were illegally dumping dirt from the Nofim neighborhood. Police and inspectors waited at two strategic observation points and sent Iriyah police patrols close to the neighborhood, so that they could respond quickly. From the observation points, the police could see the construction activity in the neighborhood and the trucks that entered and exited them. During the entire operation, heavy traffic was seen on the construction sites, which operated according to the permits and procedures, but suddenly one of the patrols noticed an unusual truck loaded with dirt leaving the construction site. The police were deployed to monitor the truck and saw that it was illegally pouring dirt in the area of the Einav Center. Details of the case, including details of the truck driver, were transferred to the Construction Supervision Department for further legal action against the builder. Dumping construction waste in areas not designated for it is against the law and punishable by fine and possibly stop-work order. The city will continue to crack down on illegal dumping of construction waste that is harmful to the environment and public health.

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