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Moreshet – the Newest Neighborhood of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut

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Last week, Mayor Bibas and Adiel Shamron, CEO of the Israel Lands Authority signed the approval to establish the neighborhood Moreshet, previously known as Area P. The agreement includes marketing and development of the new neighborhood, which will be built to the west of Avnei Chen, across inner-city route 3 and north of the Nofim neighborhood, currently under construction. The neighborhood will cover about 1,686 dunam and will be built in the western part of the city. Moreshet will be a large neighborhood with around 4,000 apartments. Around 70%, 2,800 units, are intended for affordable housing of three, four and five room apartments and 20%, 560 units, are intended for residents of the city. The neighborhood, which is still in the planning stages, will have five schools and around 25 preschools. The city’s naming committee chose to call the new neighborhood Moreshet. The streets will be named for events, leaders and personalities that left a mark on the State of Israel.

Establishing Moreshet was part of the umbrella agreement signed in January 2014 between the Israel Lands Authority, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Construction and Housing with the Iriyah of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut. According to the agreement, future neighborhoods in the city will be developed by the Iriyah through the city's Economic Development Corporation. The agreement states that the project budget will be a development budget and is not dependent on the state budget or approval. Israel Land Authority will hand over the budget according to stages of implementation. The budget is estimated at hundreds of millions of shekels, and will include the budget for development of the Seaside Park, Titora Park and Park Anabe. Under the agreement, the municipality would undertake the planning and execution of public institutions according to the timetable, so that the public institutions, such as schools and preschools will be completed at the time the neighborhood is populated.

To date, the map of the city includes completing building in existing neighborhoods, Cramim and Moriah, 991 apartments in Tzipporim, around 1,440 apartments in the City Center, 1,850 apartments in Nofim, 4,000 residential units in Moreshet and in the future Givaat She’er will join with 6,000 residential units.

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