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Modiin-Maccabim-Reut Prepared for Emergencies

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Modiin-Maccabim-Reut earned high marks in an audit for being prepared for emergency situations after a visit by the Home Front Command and the National Emergency Management Authority in collaboration with various government agencies. As part of the audit, the city was tested in 15 areas of competency to check the readiness of the city in emergency situations including security, infrastructure, education, welfare, transport, information, personnel, economy and the emergency sector. The planning portfolio of the city was checked in all areas that the city is responsible for in emergency situations such as emergency training and exercises as well as emergency storage areas. Officials from the Home Front Command and various government ministries met with the directors of various city departments.

Preparations for the audit were conducted over the last year during which the Iriyah was presented a national work plan for emergencies such as combat situations and natural disasters. The Iriyah prepared work programs tailored to the city and the conditions that may arise in the event of an emergency. The city received a grade of 90.65. The city was commended for its level of preparedness for emergency situations.

The Iriyah said that it’s not enough for the city to be prepared, every resident and family should be prepared at a private and personal level. Every family should prepare the mamad (secure room) for emergencies by stocking four liters of water per person, battery operated radio, flashlight, candles, matches, emergency lighting, non-perishable food, extra batteries and chargers for mobile devices.

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