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Graduation Ceremony for Volunteers in the Search and Rescue Unit

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Last Thursday was the graduation ceremony for volunteer medics and firefighters who trained to be part of the search and rescue unit of Modiin-Maccabim-Reut.

The event opened with a demonstration of the capabilities of the unit and the skills that the volunteers learned during their training. The volunteers simulated responding to a car accident and rescuing a wounded person trapped in a car. The volunteers who finished firefighting training, demonstrated using special tools of firefighters and medical treatment was administered by those who completed the paramedic training class. Next was a demonstration of a response to a burning car that included using fire hoses and other firefighting paraphernalia.

Search and rescue unit car rescueAfter the demonstations, there was a ceremony with Mayor Haim Bibas and Commisioner of Fire and Rescue, Shahar Ayalon. Graduates and their families and volunteers from the unit search and rescue unit medics 1attended the ceremony and came to watch the demonstrations. The training of volunteer firefighters and paramedics is part of the planning process of the Emergency Security Department. After several months of training the volunteers are qualified to assist in cases of fire, handle hazardous materials, rescue trapped people, and provide medical care to those injured in car accidents and more.

The Director of Security and Emergency Services, Shmulik Cohen invites residents interested in volunteering in the search and rescue unit to contact the Security Department at 08-9726190 or email

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