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Arson at Mor High School Teacher's Room

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firefighterLast Friday around midnight, the teacher's room at Mor High School burned down. A student from grade 10 later admitted to setting the fire, and three other students were arrested in connection with the event.

The fire was discovered by passers-by, who alerted a group who were using the school auditorium for a "Shabbat Beyachad"- a Shabbat dinner for religious and non-religious teens together. The dinner participants quickly exited the school, and the fire department was called. Firefighters were able to put out the fire within one hour, but the entire teacher's room burnt, including all supplies and property inside.

The following day, the student from grade 10 admitted to setting the fire himself, while 3 friends waited for him at the school's gate.

Various teachers from the school came forward with their feelings about the event, with some of them expressing disappointment from the values the students are receiving at home.

The debate continues regarding how to move forward at the Mor High School, and how to make sure that such an event never happens again.

Haim Bibas added that although the events are terrible and will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, the Mor High School is still considered one of the top schools in Israel, with some of the best students in the country.

You can find the full story and reactions from teachers and parents here, on the Mnews site (in Hebrew).

Israel has been dealing with a recent wave of violence in the teen age-group, which you can read about here on the Times of Israel site (in English).
We welcome your opinions and comments on the situation, and its connection to childrens' education, both in school and at home.


(Sources: MNews, The Times of Israel)

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