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A Safe Place for Teenagers On Summer Nights

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A Safe Place for Teenagers On Summer Nights

The "Beduin Cafe" tent, known by English and Hebrew speakers alike as simply the "Ohel," opened again this year to the teenage public of Modiin last Sunday at Anabe Park. The tent, which serves as a safe place for the city's youth to hang out, talk, and have a cup of coffee throughout the entire night, was already a huge success -- several dozen teenagers already arrived to experience their favorite hot-spot's seasonal opening.


The youth were greeted by staff members from the Youth Unit, Social Services Branch and Ministry of Education, along with volunteer staff members that enlisted their time into the project.

Michal Barnazi Cohen, the Project Coordinator from the Cultural Community Center Youth Unit, stated that the opening was the result of hectic preparations that took place over the last few months -- from picking out the location of the tent, recruiting volunteers, recruiting the professional staff, staff and volunteer training, attaining equipment, activity planning, coordinations, and of course the actual building of the tent.


"The cooperation that the tent receives from the municipality department is a blessing and really not a given," she said. "Especially deserving of special notice is Service Branch Manager Yaakov Cohen, who made sure that all ends meet and that everything will be ready for the youth. I am happy that they in fact did come in masses."


Several important faces came to visit the teenagers on Sunday, including Social Services Portfolio Holder at the Municipality and City Council Member Ilan Ben Sa'adon, Cultural Community Center Manager Moshik Ettik, ASA coordinator Liat Avizemer, representatives from the Parents Patrol, Youth Coordinator Lottem Duani, and Youth Volunteer Coordinator from the Youth Unit at the Cultural Community Center, Noa Winnick. The youth were also joined by Youth Unit Manager David Tzur, who stated that "the tent will be open every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday until August 19." "I hope that the youth will use the tent that is there for them," he said, "in addition to the night bus lines, sports halls, and youth clubs that run throughout the night for the city's youth."


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