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Participate in Limmud Modiin 2019

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Participate in Limmud Modiin 2019 Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Preparations are already underway for the annual Limmud Modiin festival that will take place in May and will be celebrating a decade in the city. This week, the city published an invitation to residents and instructors from the city to participate in the festival. The Limmud Modiin conference which is organized by volunteer residents in cooperation with the Iriyah, the Rav Techumi Center and Amutat Sachlavim will take place May 29-31, 2019 with the theme “Faith?”

There will be lectures, workshops, learning and performances during the three days of the conference at the Rav Techumi Center. There will be a variety of lecturers who represent the multi-faceted fabric of Israeli society that will deal with beliefs and disputes, doctrines, methods and religions. What is between faith and rationality? Faith and values? Is there a connection between the degree of faith and education? Mysticism and sense of prophecy? Superstition? Faith reflects the human spirit, life and yearnings, and shapes the public and political space.

"Limmud Modiin" is part of Limmud International, based on the principles of learning, volunteering in the community and mutual responsibility. The festival is being led by volunteers from the city, who come from different perspectives and sectors in Israeli society and offer an innovative way to learn together as a community and as a city.

The steering committee of the conference, which is comprised of volunteers and representatives of the Rav Techumi Center and Sachlavim, invites instructors and/or lecturers from the city who are interested in volunteering lectures, workshops or study on topics related to the theme "Emunah?" to submit proposals by February 21, 2019. Send proposals to including full name and phone number.

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