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Wonders of the World Park Dedication

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Mayor Haim Biba and Tamar Amussi Mayor Haim Biba and Tamar Amussi Photo credit: Paz Bar

Last week was the official dedication of the Wonders of the World Park which is located in the Shevatim neighborhood on Rechov Levi, near Park Hashchanut. Mayor Bibas, council member Gabi Edri and of course, Tamar Amussi and her family were at the dedication ceremony. Tamar Amussi had the idea for the park in 2014 when she was in third grade at Shivtei Yisrael. Tamar sent Mayor Bibas a letter describing her idea: “to remind the olim of the different countries that they emigrated from.”

In the park, children can walk on the 3.5-meter-long "Chinese Wall" with climbing walls, slides, mazes and rope bridges, the 3.5-meter "Stonehenge" facility, which simulates the British wonder, with swings, climbing walls and a slide. They can go down the slides from the "Pyramids" play structure, and the "heads" play structure simulating the three giant heads from the Easter Island, children can play in the heads with voice and listening stations that the children can talk to each other from the various heads. The facilities are unique in that they are also used as environmental sculptures and as special play facilities for children aged three and over.

The play structures were sculpted by the artist, Gil Sadeh and are made of concrete.

Photo credit: Paz Bar

wonders of the world pyramids photo paz baar

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