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New Youth Movement Buildings in Cramim

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New Youth Movement Buildings in Cramim Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Last week, two new buildings for youth movements in Cramim held dedication ceremonies with Mayor Haim Bibas, Elad Shimonovich who holds the youth portfolio and director of education, and Batya Shochen-Orbach. The new buildings, located on Rechov Nisan at the corner of Emek Harud, will house Shevet Cramim of Tzofim and Hanoar Haoved V’halomed. The buildings were built by the Iriyah and each one has three activity rooms, large auditorium, mamad and bathrooms.

The Tzofim shevet is new to the neighborhood and will be called Arbel. This will be its first year and it will draw chanichim from local schools, Hacramim, HaElla, Ort Ironi Dalet and in the future, also Shibolim. Ken Cramim of Hanoar Haoved V’halomed operated out of Hacramim School until this year and will be starting their fifth year in the neighborhood. There are currently 250 chanichim in grades four through 12 from local schools: Hacramim, HaElla, Yachad, Ironi Bet and ironi Gimmel.

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