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New Activities Complex at Beit Akadem

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New Activities Complex at Beit Akadem Photo courtesy Beit Akadem

Last Thursday, students from the Re’im School who volunteer with Amutat “Running for Community” participated in the dedication ceremony of the new complex at Beit Akadem. The new complex includes four activity areas – therapeutic kitchen, sports hall, library and gymboree. The renovation of the complex, which also serves as a neighborhood emergency shelter, was carried out by the Iriyah and included, construction, landscaping, electricity and water for the purpose of preparing the space for Beit Akadem. The new complex is around 200 meters that are divided into four separate areas that were equipped through donations.

Amutat “Running for Community” participated in the ceremony as well as making a significant contribution to the purchase of a special floor mat, at considerable cost, for the new therapeutic sports hall. Members of the amuta, led by Yuval Cohen, held a running event at Park Hamayim Reut where participants ran the 1.5 km to Beit Akadem and then participated in the dedication ceremony. Students from the Re’im School also participated in the event and made a donation to Beit Akadem for additional supplies.

Beit Akadem offers a unique model for the treatment of autistic individuals and their families by professionals and volunteers who provide supportive care, counseling and especially guidance for families from the moment their child is diagnosed as autistic. For example, providing infrastructure for leisure activities, treatments, welfare services provided by social workers from the Iriyah’s welfare department, parental guidance, youth movement, support for siblings of an autistic child and a club for adults to provide tools for dealing with real life and work. Beit Akadem is currently working on establishing housing for adults on the autistic spectrum. There are also plans to expand further to meet the needs of the population that it serves.

Akadem currently helps over 100 families and has more than 100 volunteers who are residents of the city. Akadem was started by a group of parents in 2009, became a registered non-profit in 2015 and opened the doors to Beit Akadem in 2017.

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