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The Past Strengthens our Future

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As we look towards the future at the start of this New Year we must also remember the past. In Israel our past is all around us and in every step we take. This was especially true for me this summer as I toured Yad Vashem and walked on the actual cobblestones of the Warsaw ghetto as we stood transfixed by the horror of the Holocaust. The very next day I took a private tour of a newly discovered underground tunnel next to the kotel. As I walked along the massive stones, barely touched since the time of the Second Temple, I was transfixed again. The juxtaposition of the two highlighted the incredible resilience of the Jewish people. We are truly privileged to live in the land of our ancestors surrounded by constant reminders of who we are and what we have been through. I hope and pray that we use the reminders of our past to lead us in the direction of a prosperous and peaceful future, amongst each other as well as our enemies.

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