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Students Volunteer with Modiin Search and Rescue Unit

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Students Volunteer with Modiin Search and Rescue Unit Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

This year, as part of their volunteer commitment, tenth grade students from high schools around the city are volunteering with the with the municipal emergency search and rescue unit. The students undergo training throughout the year, with the understanding that in times of mass disaster, the emergency forces will not be able to reach every place immediately.

For example, last week tenth grade students from Ort Ironi Dalet participated in a special Home Front Command course, whose purpose is training for first responders and rescue people trapped under the rubble of buildings damaged by earthquakes or any other event that requires rescue. The course, called "Light Rescue", includes two days of training during which the students receive general background on emergency situations, possible threat scenarios, emergency rules of conduct and knowledge of search and rescue elements and basic rescue operations.

For the past five years, there has been a volunteer search and rescue unit operating in the city as part of the city’s Department of Security and Emergency Services. The volunteer unit is comprised of around 350 residents of the city. This unit is available for immediate response during an emergency event to carry out initial rescue operations with the assistance of firefighting forces, rescue of trapped persons, first aid and evacuation throughout the city until the arrival of aid forces. It should be noted that the unit is also composed of professionals such as construction engineers, builders, electricians, welders and medical personnel, as well as professionals with added value in dealing with an emergency. Upon completion of the course, the students join the city’s volunteer unit as part of the “personal commitment” project, for three years from tenth through twelfth grade.

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