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School Registration 2019-20

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School Registration 2019-20 Storyblocks

Preschool, first grade and seventh grade (religious schools) registration will be open for three weeks beginning Monday, January 7, 2019 until Sunday, January 27, 2019. Registration will take place online through the Iriyah's website. Online registration allows residents to register without waiting and saves them a trip to the Iriyah and the wait to register in person. It is important to note that school placement will take place at the end of the registration period, therefore the date of registration has no bearing as long as it is done within the allotted time. The results of school registration will be published on the Iriyahs’ website in June. Information about the registration process will be included in the January arnona bills. Full details available on the Iriyah’s website.

There are 10 elementary schools that are open for registration for anyone in the city (not according to where you live): Dorot, Hayovel, Idanim, Maoz Hamaccabim, Nitzanim, Ofek, Keshet, Ramon, Amit and Netiv Zevulun. These schools will have open houses for parents who are interested. Details available on the Iriyah’s website. The Iriyah is allowing parents to choose two schools when registering for next year. While the second choice is optional, the Iriyah advises parents to register two choices in case they are not accepted in their first choice. If there is no second choice then the director of education will choose according to availability.

New residents who are not registered as residents of the city cannot register online. They must go to the registration center at the Iriyah that will be open to receive the public during the registration period. Hours of the registration center: Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday 8:00-12:00 and Monday and Wednesday 13:30-18:00. New residents must bring Tehudat Zehut of both parents. New residents who do not live in the city yet must bring a rental or sales contract and a form showing that they cancelled registration in their current city of residence. Residents who will be moving in the summer must go to the registration center with a sales or rental contract. Residents who moved within the city and didn't update their information must go to the registration center with documentation to change their address.

Residents who have moved within the city and have not yet updated their address are asked to do so as soon as possible so that they can register for schools in their new area. Residents can update their address at Misrad Hapnim in the Iriyah building at 1 Tiltan.

Registration for future residents of Nofim will be opening this year with registration for preschools and elementary schools, both religious and non-religious. The decision regarding opening schools in Nofim will only be made after the Iriyah has all the registration details for the neighborhood.

Registration for all ages will only be done according to updated addresses on teudat zehut. School placement will be posted on the Iriyah's website in June. The Iriyah will make every effort to place each child according to his request, however, it is not possible for each child to receive their request.

Preschools: children in trom trom chova will continue to trom chova in the same preschool they are in this year. Gan Chova age children and first grade will be placed according to where they live.

Parents of children going into preschool will be able to check out the preschools before registration begins. There will be informational meetings in the library at Ironi Hey (57 Avnei Hachoshen) on January 2 and 16 at 18:00.

During the three-week registration period, there will be registration for Amutat Sachlavim tzaharon (after school care) through the Sachlavim website. Tzaharon at the city’s preschools will operate five days a week, Sunday-Thursday from 14:00-17:00. First and second grade tzaharons will operate from 12:45-17:00. On vacation days, tzaharon will operate from 7:30-16:00 (vacation calendar will be published at the beginning of the year). Registration for tzaharon is conditional of payment to Amutat Sachlavim. For more details and registration, visit the Sachlavim website

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