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Students in Modiin 2018-19

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Students in Modiin 2018-19 Photo credit: GraphicStock

There are 27,683 students and preschoolers starting school on Sunday, September 2 in Modiin Maccabim Reut.

Here is a breakdown of students by the numbers:

  • Preschool and Kindergarten: 4,195 children in 168 preschools - 91 are state preschools, 37 are religious state preschools and 40 preschools for special education. Kindergarten: 1,826 children will begin kindergarten - 41 state kindergartens and 18 religious state kindergartens. Preschool: Out of 69 new preschools that are opening this year, 50 are state preschools and 19 are religious state preschools. There will be 2,137 children in the city’s preschools this year. There will be 353 children in the 40 preschools for special education.
  • Elementary schools: 11,697 students will learn at 27 elementary schools in the city - 21 state schools with 7,985 students and 6 religious state schools with 3,221 students. There are 398 students who will be learning in 43 special education classes in the elementary schools. In addition, there are two schools for special education in the city. The Gvanim School has 160 students learning in 20 classes and the Psifas School has 60 students.
  • First grade: 1,806 children will be entering first grade, 65 of those students will be in special education classes.
  • High schools: 11,960 students will be learning in 13 high schools throughout the city - 8,689 students in nine state high schools and 2,670 students in four religious high schools. There are 601 students in 53 special education classes in high schools throughout the city.
  • Twelfth grade: 1,819 students will begin 12th grade. There are 72 twelfth grade students learning in small classes at high schools in the city.
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