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Ort Ironi Dalet Earns Ort Network Education Prize

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Ort Ironi Dalet Earns Ort Network Education Prize Photo courtesy dovrut Modiin Maccabim Reut

Ort Ironi Dalet was awarded the Education Prize of the Ort Network, in recognition of their great work in education and promoting values. The prize committee praised the school for their connection to the community through various educational programs, including classes with senior citizens, learning in chavruta, commemoration of Holocaust survivors "Memory Through the Lens," “screen savers” that works to prevent cyberbullying and the "Sunflowers" project - volunteering at a school for people with severe disabilities.

In addition, they were impressed by the great and varied work done at the school, which includes projects and special education programs. For example, the schools robotics team won the world competition in the U.S., Project Sparks "which is a unique project in the city, during which people from the community come to present their" spark” – area of business or other areas of special interest to the students, special program for eighth graders where the students learn about a variety of subjects experientially, through cinema, art, theater and life skills. The committee singled out the school’s Isteam Project – a new initiative where eleventh-grade students write entries in Wikipedia on communities that were annihilated in Eastern Europe during World War II and the students of electronics who built drones as part of their studies.

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