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Setting Things Straight: Updates and Reactions on/to the Child Molester Roaming the Streets of Modiin Information received from another source seems different from the initial info received yesterday. Updates and reactions here.
Thursday, 29 April 2010 16:53

Lag Ba'Omer Bus Schedule

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Lag Ba'Omer Bus Schedule The following changes will be made May 02, 2010 to the the Connex bus schedules...
Thursday, 29 April 2010 14:11

Child Molester on the Loose in Modiin

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Child Molester on the Loose in Modiin The Modiin Police have been searching for a man for a number of months now who has been reported of sexual harassing 8 different underage girls in public areas in Modiin.
Updates on Modiin Resident Responsible for Gush Dan Robberies Earlier today we posted that a Modiin resident was caught on tape robbing a post office yesterday in Ramat Gan. Read more for the latest information we've heard on the situation.
A city resident in his 30's was arrested suspect yesterday (Tuesday) for being responsible for a number of recent robberies at the Ramat Gan Post Office. The man was arrested in Ramat Gan after the police caught him robbing the post office on tape; they…
Positive Enrichment or Just a Stab in the Back? The parents of Hut HaSheni school are outraged at the school's recent decision to implement the TALI program into their academic curriculum. Read why inside... This week, the students of "Hut HaSheni" school in the Avanai…
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