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A New Plan for HaTsiporim Neighborhood

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Construction and Building Committee Requests Alternate Plan for Residential Units Planned to be Built Next to Anabe Park Following SPNI Objections

The plans for HaTsiporim Neighborhood (South Kaiser) in Modiin may be about to change. Four months after objections were expressed by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (HaChevra L'Haganat HaTeva), the Association for Site Preservation (HaAmuta L'Shimur Atarim), and city council member Alex Weinreb, the Construction and Building Committee has decided that the project initiator must submit an alternate plan for 112 residential units in the neighborhood, in order to distance them from Anabe Park.

Four months ago, mynet interviewed residents of Shani St. in Avanei Chen who opposed construction on the hillside of Wadi Anabe. HaTsiporim Neighborhood is planned to include 991 residential units, which will be join the city's housing supply. The construction of this neighborhood is considered part of Population Stage A in the city. Some of the apartments are supposed to be built adjacent to to the Wadi, and there was a fear that the construction site's proximity to the park would disrupt the natural landscape and nature there.

Several weeks later, mynet also reported on the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israels' objections to the plan, along with the alternative that the society had suggested: getting rid of 100 planned residential units that were supposed to be built at the foot of the wadi, and adding more units within the neighborhood by giving each building extra levels or reducing the spaces between buildings.

The Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel were happy to hear about the committee's recommendation. "The interim decision that was received suggested that [the builders] decrease construction on the outskirts and add residential units at other places in the neighborhood," explains Dekla Ben Ya'akov from the society. "This may be only a suggestion for now, but we are satisfied. This fits our general agenda, which states that the number of residential units in the neighborhoods should be increased in order to lessen the damage to open spaces." Weinreb said that "this is a victory for this who care about Modiin and see far [into the future]."

The municipality has responded that this is not a final decision, and that the chances of it actually happening are unclear. "Around a year and a half ago, the committee received the Ministry of Housing and the municipality's request to reduce the number of housing units in the neighborhood from 1,080 to 991 as is planned today," read their official response. "The municipality is working together with the Ministry of Housing and the Israel Land Administration in order to create the right plan for the neighborhood."

Via Limor Grizim Magen for mynet. Click here to view original article.

Friday, October 29, 2010

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