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Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, and Criminals: The Secret Night Life of Ben Shemen Forest

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Drug Addicts, Alcoholics, and Criminals: The Secret Night Life of Ben Shemen Forest

Drug addicts, alcoholics, couples looking for a place to get intimate, criminals and those who decide to take their own lives: no, this is not a group of people to be found at Ramla Prison, rather the night life of Ben Shemen Forest. That's right -- while Modiin residents are fast asleep, an entire world is coming alive right outside of the city.

It turns out that the police are well aware of the nightlife of Ben Shemen Forest, but their approach to it is no different than that of any other place. That being said, the stories that take place there are nothing we'd ever imagined -- if only trees could talk.

"Ben Shemen Forest attracts a crowd [made up of] all types of people," says Superintendent Yoram Brina, the Modiin Police Station's commander. "The drug addicts come from the Jerusalem area to Lod in order to buy dugs, and they usually stop at Ben Shemen Forest on the way home to smoke. There have also been incidents in which people have come to the forest to take their own lives."

Last Thursday night, a vehicle driving fast on Route 443 caught the police officers' attention. When the officers asked the driver to stop, he tried to flee and stepped on the gas pedal.

The police officers called for backup, and the two police vehicles chased the car into the forest. When the car reached a dead end, the driver got out of it and ran to hide.

The police officers performed a search of the location, and found the driver hiding behind a bush. They discovered a 22-year-old driver who has a police record including property crimes and violence. Both him and his friends that were caught with him were drunk, and an indictment will be filed against them on Sunday.

It's not just incidents of violence and crime that take place in the forest. In the late hours of the night, mainly on weekends, teenagers from the surrounding cities and yeshuvim hold parties deep within the woods. As one could expect, the teenagers hardly dance the horah and drink orange juice at these parties -- instead, they tend to do drugs and drink large quantities of alcohol.

"Every outdoor event  requires permission by the police," says Superintendent Brina. "If [the event] is to take place at Ben Shemen Forest, then the organizers need to receive permission from the KKL as well; the purpose of this is to ensure the safety of the party-goers, and to make sure that the forest stays clean and that its facilities remain in tact. People that have noting to hide ask us for permission and act according to the regulations. Those who plan on bringing alcohol or drugs to the forest usually avoid asking for permission."

Via Limor Grizim Magen for mynet. Click here to view original article.

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