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Transportation News: More Schools to Join Road Safety Program; Viola Transportation to Change Bus Sc

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Transportation News: More Schools to Join Road Safety Program; Viola Transportation to Change Bus Schedules and Routes

The services branch manager at the municipality, Ya'akov Cohen, has announced that three more schools will be participaing in the upcoming "Road Issues" (Inyanim B'Drachim) project, otherwise known as "Kiss and Drive" (Nafesk V'Sah.). Six of the city's schools already take part in the program: Ramon, Ofek, Amit, Netiv Zvulun, and Yachad Primary School. During the last few weeks, parent representatives from Shivtei Yisrael, Idanim, and the state Mamalachi School in Moria turned to the municipality with requests to include their schools in the activities. Shivtei Yisrael has already begun participating in the project, which is carried out by the National Authority for Road Safety and the Ministry of Transportation.

Cohen also mentioned that over the course of the past month Viola Transportation has added two new bus lines, expanded two existing service lines, and updated another line according to the needs of the students that use public transportation to get to and from school. Cohen explained that at the end of the first month of school, municipality representatives sat down with representatives from the transportation company for a joint meeting. At this meeting, the municipality representatives presented them with data reflecting the city's students' needs relating to the municipal buses, in order to draw conclusions about the rest of the school year. The representatives decided that the company will add one bus line to serve Democratic School students, who currently study at the building formerly occupied by Reim School,  and another to Branco Weiss students to and from Yafei Nof. Cohen also announced that the line connecting HaShvatim and Moria with Maccabim Reut High School will be expanded, along with line 14 that stops at Yachad High School and the lines that stop at the Yeshiva High School and the Ulpana. In addition to these changes, the transportation company will make adjustments to the bus schedule in order to better suit the times that the dismissal times of the different schools. Cohen added that Line #1 expanded its route to include the new streets in HaCramim, and that the possibility of expanding the bus lines that connect the city with Elah School in Lod is also currently being investigated.

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