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Significant Decrease in Number of Traffic Accidents in 2010 Compared to Previous Years

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Significant Decrease in Number of Traffic Accidents in 2010 Compared to Previous Years

"There has been a significant decrease in the number of traffic accidents in the city during the first 9 months of 2010," said Modiin Police Traffic Coordinator, Shai Algebreli, at the latest Transportation Committee meeting at the municipality (headed by Transportation Portfolio Holder Chanan Bernstein).

According to data presented by the police, only 62 traffic reports were received from January-September 2010, all of which were mild. Over the past year, the number of serious and fatal traffic accidents stood at almost zero. These are the lowest city statistics to be reported over the last five years since 2005. For the sake of comparison, 102 light traffic accidents were reported during the same months of 2009, along with three serious ones and one fatal accident. The committee chairman noted the significant drop in the number of accidents and the huge improvement of the city's road safety. The police mentioned that it was easy to see how the joining of forces between the municipality and the police had proved beneficial and produced positive results. Bernstein said during the discussion that "The police's dedicated work, combined with the geometric changes that were made to many intersections in the city, proved effective [as part of the] the fight to lessen traffic accidents."

In addition to these statistics, Bernstein also presented the committee members with a number of projects for 2011 that had been submitted to the Ministry of Transportation with a budget request. Among others, the municipality filed a request to plan and make geometric changes at a number of intersections on the city's streets, and also noted that plans are being made to place a "green wave" (of traffic lights) along Sderot HaChashmonaim.  Bernstein noted that the total cost of the planned projects stands at approximately ten million shekels, 3 million of which the municipality will invest and the rest of which will be funded by the Ministry of Transportation.

The municipality also filed a budgetary requirement of 3 million shekels with the Ministry of Transportation to cover the ongoing care and maintenance of the city's roads. The plan includes safety devices, road marking, the placement of walled bus stops, providing accessibility to the handicap, the placement of "8 lights" above existing crosswalks, and safety arrangements next to schools and ganim that are not located in the valleys.

"Today we stand after carrying out organized staff work by all of the authorities that focus on [road] infrastructure and transportation," said Chanan Bernstein. "We have put together a requirement plan according to [our] priorities, and the decision now belongs to the CEO of the Ministry of Transportation. I very much hope that this plan is fully implemented, and that in this way we continue to promote the safety of the road users. Likewise, I wish to thank the members of the Transportation Committee, [who are] dedicated citizens that invest their time to advance this important issue in order to improve the quality of life and protect the lives of their city's residents. The statistics for 2010 definitely prove that the work and effort to improve the infrastructure and police enforcement have been affective; despite the city's natural growth, the number of traffic accidents has dramatically decreased to the lowest it has been in five years."

The Projects Submitted to the Ministry of Transportation

  1. Emek Ayalon/Tiltan/Levona Intersection
  2. Expanding the traffic circle at the Yair Pereg/Sderot HaMaccabim Intersection
  3. Creating a traffic circle at the Nahal Ga'aton/Nahal Zohar Intersection
  4. Creating a traffic circle at the Yigal Yadin/Haim Bar Lev Intersection
  5. Creating a traffic circle at the Mevo Reut/Nitzan Intersection
  6. Planning and performing geometric changes to the Emek Dotan/Nahal Ga'aton Intersection
  7. Planning and creating a traffic circle at the Clil HaChoresh/Emek Ayalon South Intersection
  8. Planning and creating a traffic circle at the Eliyahu HaNavi intersection in HaNevi'im.
  9. Planning traffic circles and islands where David Eliezer meets Motta Gur, Haim Leskov, Ya'akov Dori, Ra'al Mordechai Miklaf and Moshe Dayan.
  10. Planning and placing speed bumps on Sderot HaOranim.
  11. Placing a traffic island on the corner of Yahalom and Inbar.
  12. Planning a traffic circle at the Avanei HaChosehn/B'dolach Intersection.

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