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Parents Fear for their Children's Safety Crossing the Street to Ironi Dalet School Without a Crosswa

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Parents Fear for their Children's Safety Crossing the Street to Ironi Dalet School Without a Crosswalk

Ironi Dalet High School in Modiin opened its door for the first time ever this school year, as a six-year school attached to Yachad School's building on Devora HaNevia St. The building's construction continued until right before the beginning of the school year, but there were almost no malfunctions reported in spite of the hurried building. Construction of the school's entranceway has almost been completed, and the courtyard also appears more organized, but there is one pretty important thing that the building's planners apparently didn't think of -- they forgot to worry about placing a crosswalk at the high school's entrance.

The school's entrance is located on Devora HaNevia St, which is an extremely busy traffic route during the morning due to the fact that many cit residents use it to leave Modiin towards Route 443 via the entrance from Emek HaEla. Although it was already known that the the street is a busy one, which dozens of students would have to cross every morning to reach the school, the matter has not yet been dealt with.

"We may not be speaking about small children -- rather 7th-grade students -- but there is still a danger here," said the father of one of the school's students. "The students must cross the street without an organized crosswalk, and a problematic issue is created there each morning."

The municipality has replied that "the matter is known and is being checked by a traffic engineer, and was even brought to the attention of the Transportation Committee. The solution required is to place a crosswalk at the intersection with crossroad in every direction. The request has been passed over for approval from the Ministry of Transportation."

Via Oren Kaminiski for MNews. Click here to view original article.

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