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Three City Residents Indicted for Assaulting a Modiin Police Officer Last Year

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Three City Residents Indicted for Physically Assaulting a Modiin Police Officer Last Year

Three city residents are about to be indicted for an unconventional crime in Modiin: attacking an on-duty police officers. The incident took place exactly one year ago, when policeman Erez Gur spotted a vehicle parked illegally in one of the city neighborhoods and began to write up a report. According to the indictment, the car owner arrived at the scene and began swearing at the policeman and threatening him. After a short while, he was joined by two families members who allegedly physically attacked the policeman, scratched him and ripped his shirt.

The detailed indictment continues on to describe how another police officer who arrived at the scene was also threatened and cursed, while at this point the first policeman was punched in the face. According to the indictment, the three were arrested and continued their wild behavior in the patrol car on the way to the station. One of the defendants allegedly said to the policeman, "I will kill you. You're finished with me, and you will pay for this and will not be a police officer one day." Following the attack, according to the indictment, the officer suffered from different injuries that included scratches and swelling of the head, neck, eye, and finger, a sprained finger, and more.

The indictment charges the defendants with threatening and insulting a public servant, hindering an on-duty police officer and attacking an on-duty police officer. The first family member is being charged with attacking an on-duty police officer and of threatening, and the second is being charged with hindering an on-duty police officer. The prosecution indictment indicates that it reserves the option to require the imprisonment of the three defendants if convicted. The police have expressed satisfaction at the indictment filed against the three. "I a case like this, [people] will say, 'This is what is done to a person that attacks police officers.'," said Deputy Station Manager Superintendent Shoki Goldstein. "The police will show no tolerance towards violence in society, especially when directed at those who are trained to enforce the law and public order."

In an interview with Erez Gur, the policeman who was attacked, he expressed his sorrow at the the incident. "It is sad that there are people like these walking the city's streets with their heads held high. The whole incident is sad, when a policeman trying to fulfill his duties is attacked." Who has meanwhile left the police, conforms that "this event was one of the reasons that I decided to retire." The police have noted that the case has been so stretched out as a result of the fact that the attackers filed their own complaint against the policemen with the Police Investigation Department of Justice. Only after the department rejected the complaint was it possible to begin to construct the indictment.

Via Shivtai Bandet for MNews. Click here to view the original article.

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