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Alex Weinreb Complains to Mayor Bibas about the Use of the Pool's Water Once the Swimming Season is

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Alex Weinreb Complains to Mayor Bibas about the Use of the City Pool's Water Once the Swimming Season is Over; The Municipality Responds that He Must be Frustrated by the Pool's Success

What will happen to the water in the City Pool when the summer is over? City council member Alex Weinreb fears that the answer to this question is nothing. In a letter that he wrote this week to Mayor Haim Bibas, he complains about the fact that the pool is closing to swimmers after only two months of activities, and claims that not enough thinking has been done on how the pool's water will be put to use now that the swimming season is over. "It's a shame that the amount of water was purchased to fill the pool for only two months," writes Weinreb. "In my opinion, the city residents don't need to "suffer" from inferior conditions due to the desire to open this compound or others due to political considerations alone."

Weinreb explains that he visited the pool during the evening and was surprised to see that it was empty. "I ask that you make sure that the huge amount of water that filled the City Pool will be put to a different use," he wrote, "and that it will not reach the municipal sewers in vain."

"There are many things that can be done with the water, and it is strange in my eyes that the municipality prefer to waste it "just because,"" said Weinreb. "The shower water can be connected to the filtration system to be used in the pool's toilets, to water the lawns, and to fill the lake. This water is very important."

The municipality has attacked Weinreb in their official response, and has stated that the pool water is being dealt with according to the set legal standards. "From the beginning, even before the City Pool was built, City Council Member Alex Weinreb has tried to hinder and prevent its opening and running for the city's residents," they replied.

"Weinreb, as it seems, is very frustrated by the pool's success during its first months of operation, in which thousands of city residents, families, teenagers, and visitors from the religious public "voted with their feet" and came in masses. The swimming season is currently coming to a close at all of the municipal pools that do not hold winter activities, including the City Pool. Current operations, such as filling up the water, cleaning it and emptying the pool are being carried out according to Ministry of Health instructions just like at every other pool in the country."

"The pool has not yet been emptied, and [we] already turned to a field expert in order to look into the water's nature and how it may be put to use two weeks ago. When the pool was built, emphasis was put on the environmental element, and a "grey water" system, which was built in order to use the water to water the courtyards, will operate at the pool until the next swimming season. The Economic Company, which is responsible for building and operating the pool, is very satisfied with the amount of visitors over the last few moths and with the ticket sales rates, which were higher than their initial estimates. However, this swimming period was an important and significant [time] to prepare for future operation of the pool and its opening during the next swimming season in the summer of 2011."

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