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Names Committee Renames the Yishpro Area and Two Planned Neighborhoods

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Names Committee Renames the Yishpro Area and Two Planned Neighborhoods

Following their decision to change the names of two city neighborhood ands one commercial center, The Modiin Maccabim Reut City Council has approved the suggestions made by the Names Committee headed by Deputy Mayor Motti Gruner.

Over the last few months, the Names Committee had been searching for a new name for the area that contains Yishpro Center, ONE, and a number of other businesses and garages. The committee, which is made up of public representatives, elected officials and municipality workers, turned to the residents to submit ideas and suggestions for names through the municipality's website. At the end, it was decided that the area will be named Einav Center due to its proximity to Anabe Park*.

Also on the committee's agenda was the act of appointing names to three city neighborhoods and their streets. The first neighborhood, which until now was known as "Neighborhood 'N'", will be built to the west of HaTsiporim (otherwise known as South Kaiser, which in itself is only expected to be constructed in a year and a half). The neighborhood will officially be called Nofim**,  since it overlooks impressive views of the city and the surrounding plains due to its relatively high altitude. Nofim's streets will be named after different pieces of land and geographic areas in the State of Israel.


Neighborhood 'L,' which is located west of HaShavtim above Route 431, will be called Givat Sher after the historic hill and archeological site that falls within its borders, and its streets will be named after different spices.

Neighborhood 'P,' which when completed will bring Stage A of the city's construction to a close, is expected to be built northwest of the HaMeginim in eight years. While the committee has not yet reached a decision regarding what this neighborhood will be named they are considering famous Israeli Zionists, Israeli poets and artists, and Chasmonaim/ancient Modiin figures for street names. The committee invites the residents to submit ideas and suggestions for what to call the neighborhood.

"Deciding new names for the commercial area and the future neighborhoods is a direct continuation of a process that led the committee to change the old neighborhood names last year and give the city a more communal nature," said Deputy Mayor Motti Gruner, who is the head of the Names Community. "Changing the old neighborhood names deemed very successful, and while there is still a need for an implementation period the names are slowly seeping into the residents' [minds]. We saw how much the changes and implementation process are not simple, and we therefore didn't think that it would be right to call the new neighborhoods after what defines them and the city now. [These names would] slowly enter the [residents'] day-to-day language while on hold for new neighborhood names, which is what happened in the past."

* The words Einav and Anabe are both formed from the Hebrew root ayin-nun-bet.

** Translation: Views or landscapes.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

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