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Update on the Municipality's Petition to the High Court against the IAA and CAA Regarding the Nightt

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Update on the Municipality's Petition to the High Court against the IAA and CAA Regarding the Nighttime Flights Over the City

This coming Monday, on October 11, 2010, three High Court judges will discuss Modiin Maccabim Reut Municipality's petition against the Ministry of Transportation, the Israel Airports Authority, and the Civil Aviation Authority, regarding their landing path that passes over the city's skies.

Approximately two months ago, the City Council decided that the city cannot function daily when the loud noise from the planes is constantly disturbing the residents and affecting the quality of life in the city. It was therefore decided to petition the High Court against the landing path over the city, which is put into affect mainly at night.

The nighttime flights are a blunt violation of the entire previous dialogue process which took place at the High Court between the Modiin Maccabim Reut Municipality, the Civil Aviation Authority, and the Israel Airports Authority around half a year ago.

During this discussion, the CAA and the IAA stated in the presence of the High Court that "the process will be active only during the afternoon hours, depending on the directions of the winds. We are only speaking of around 30 landings on weekdays, and 20 landings on weekends. The process will be active for a temporarily, until the completed permanent plan for fixing up Runway 30 is implemented."

At the beginning of June, when the landing path was completed, the IAA and the CAA announced that they would not be living up to this agreement and began activating the landing path during the night, as well. The municipality decided to once again turn to the High Court, and enlisted the services of the former head of the IAA, pilot, lecturer on aviation in Israel and lawyer Neri Yarkoni. He has represented a number of authorities against the IAA and the CAA in the past, and is currently leading the Holon area's struggle against plane landings during the night.

Yarkoni joined the legal team, which also includes the municipality's Legal Consultant,  lawyer Dana Chafetz-Tochler, lawyer Einav Livne from the Legal Department, and layers Ayal Memo and Avi Portan from the Agamon Law Offices.

Meanwhile, the municipality requested that the High Court announce an interim order to immediately put an end to the flights in August. The court decided, based on the state's response, to not approve the municipality's request, rather to sit and raise the topic for discussion once again next week.

The court's decision may not have resulted in an immediate interim order, but it wasn't outright rejection, either. They quickly decided to raise the subject in front of a panel of judges, and decided on next week for the date.

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