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A Number of Families Do Not Receive Mail or Parcels For Months Due to Serious Problems in The Israel

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A Number of Families Do Not Receive Mail or Parcels For Months Due to Serious Problems in The Israel Post's Distribution System

A number of families residing at 25 Cheshvan St. in HaKeremim were surprised to discover that they had not been receiving mail or packages for months, despite the fact that it had been sent to them. This group included the Cohens, who decided not to give up and turned to the Post Management to clarify the fate of the mail that they were supposed to have received. Only after Modiin News got involved did the Israel Post discover serious problems in their distribution system, which they have begun to solve.

"We have been living at this address in Modiin since January 2010," says Ya'ara Cohen. "Over the last few months a series of mistakes have been made. "Our parents' mail has been forwarded to our address, and they have not signed up for this service at all. After several different attempts, the problem was solved. Ever since our address was changed to read "Modiin," we have been receiving our mail, but a lot of things are missing. It seems as if our mail is reaching other people, since we are receiving other people's mail."

Netanel and Ya'ara Cohen noted that they had turned to the manager of the Israel Post's Modiin branch and to the clerks at the location. They were told that the subject would be investigated, but nothing happened. The family waited for packages from abroad, which arrived late. Some of the packages were never located at all. All that the Cohen asked of the postal service was that they please check their management.

"The management at the Modiin post office is unacceptable for anybody, and of course not for the Israel Post," said Ya'ara Cohen. "It should be noted that the same thing happened to our neighbors, as well. This is a clear case of disregard by the mailman and of the entire establishment of their customers and is a case of disgraceful management. Throughout the whole promise, no one took responsibility and tried to give us service and deal with the problem." The Cohen family did not get lazy at that point, and even filed a complaint with Public Trust (a non-profit consumer information organization that works to promote fairness of business in Israel). Immediately after Modiin News informed the Postal Authority of the complaint, the Cohen's received word that the issue would be dealt with personally.

"Mrs. Ya'ara Cohen's appeal has been investigated, and Mr. Tiran, regional manager of the Israel Post company, has conversed with her amongst others," replied Israel Post. "We will also frequently monitor the mail meant to reach her, and we will work to make sure that the lady enjoys quality postal services. Likewise, we are currently "absorbing" a new worker who will stand as the permanent mailman for the area, and will deliver mail to the residents in the area each day. Regarding the packages that the lady mentioned, according to customer reports and the barcode noted on her appeal, it is something printed (not a package or a written piece of mail) that it is not possible to track down. It should be noted that the district manager gave the lady his cellphone number and invited her to contact him if she encounters any problems."

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