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Shilat Gas Station Attendants Use Computer Glitch to Steal Money from their Employers

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Shilat Gas Station Attendants Use Computer Glitch to Steal Money from their Employers

Two attendants at the Sonol gas station at the Shilat Intersection found a way to cheat their employers when they discovered a glitch in the system that let them give themselves unplanned bonuses. Their way of working was strange but simple: the two saved "Sonol Cash" cards that had already been used by customers. When a customer would pay in cash, the two attendants would pocket the money and run the "empty" cards a number of times through the system. They discovered that if they ran the cards quickly enough, the computer would accept them as if they still contained credit.

The two kept this routine up for a short period of time, until the station's manager noticed the unusual computer activity and notified Sonol's security officer. After a short investigation, the officer suspected that the two gas attendants were responsible and transferred the information to the police.

Two undercover policewomen arrived at the station and asked to pay for gas with cash. The attendants, who did not suspect a thing, pocked the money and began to quickly run the Sonol Cash cards through the credit card machine. This time, they were caught red handed. The two were arrested and taken in for interrogation at the Modiin Station. They admitted to the crime and said that they had done it dozens of times recently. Both are expected to face indictment for grave theft.

Sonol has noted that all financial damaged was caused to the company only, and that the customers were never at risk of having their money stolen.

Via MNews. Click here to view original article.

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