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School Security Guard Attacks 5th Grader Waiting For Morning Gates to Open

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School Security Guard Attacks 5th Grader Waiting For Morning Gates to Open

A security guard at Chut HaSheni school in Modiin is suspected of having attacked a 5th grader last week. The incident took place on Monday, when several dozen students were waiting for the school gates to open at 7:30. After a number of minutes, the security guard approached the gate from the school grounds.

T, who was escorting his 4th grader to school, witnessed the events that occured next. In a conversation with Modiin News, he shares how a routine morning unraveled to include a case of violence against a young student. "The school's gate opens from the inside out," he said. "When the guard came closer, the children clustered together next to the gate. The one boy apparently did not hear the guard asking to stay away, and within seconds he simply lifted him by his neck and held him against the fence."

T. shares that he quickly got involved. "I yelled at him to leave the child alone, and he told me to shut my mouth. He had already gone amuck, and I quickly sent the children away. He was armed, and I didn't know how he would continue to react." According to T, the principal arrived and called the security patrol, who removed the guard from the vicinity.

The Modiin Police reported that the boy's parents have filed a complaint, and that an eyewitness account was taken from T. The guard has not yet been taken in for interrogation due to technical reasons, but he was fired from his job on that day and will most likely be indicted.

The Modiin Municipality has replied that "this is a very grave case that has been dealt with promptly by the municipality, the Education Administration and those responsible for security immediately. The  guard, who is not a city resident, came to work on a one-time basis. The guard was immediately suspended, and he will not be working in the city any longer."

Via MNews. Click here to view original article.

Monday, September 27, 2010

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