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Huge Amount of Garbage From Unknown Source Generates Wretched Smell on Yom Kippur

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Huge Amount of Garbage From Unknown Source Generates Wretched Smell on Yom Kippur

Everyone who paid a visit to either Reim School or the Scout's Ofek Branch's Building on Yom Kippur could not help but be bothered by the stench coming from the huge amounts of garbage that had piled up between the two buildings a day earlier.

"It looked like a huge dump," shares one Reut resident who had passed by. "There was a municipal dumpster nearby, but those who thew out the trash threw it next to the garbage bin and not inside it. It looked terrible. I don't understand why the trash was thrown away this way, and why the municipality didn't remove it from their."

The Ofek Branch didn't know how to explain how all of the garbage had gotten there. "We work outside quite a lot," explains the branch's head, Dalit Amir. "There is a dumpster at the branch compound where we throw out everything dirty, and the municipality takes it all away. In this specific case, I can't say where the trash came from and who's it it. This is public property, not our private property for activities."

When Yedi'ot Modiin turned to the municipality, they were told that "'once the appeal was received, the director of the Sanitation Branch instructed to clean the area."

The site was cleaned within a number of hours. The municipality and the Sanitation Department invite the residents to report any violation to the Municipal Center by calling 106 from any land-line or 08-972-6020 from any cellphone.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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