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More Speed Bumps to Be Placed Next to Many of the City's Schools

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More Speed Bumps to Be Placed Next to Many of the City's Schools

The success of the project to reduce driving speeds on the city's streets (specifically next to the city's schools) and to reduce the number of traffic accidents has led the municipality to decide to perform infrastructure work on the streets surrounding the city's educational institutions.

As part of this project, the municipality will install elevated speed bumps and crosswalks next to the following schools:

  • Netiv Zvulun - At the corners of Emek HaHula and Nahal Tsin going south and Emek Hahula and Emek Yizrael going north
  • Ofek - At the corner of Emek Dotan and Nahal Tninim going south
  • Asif - At the corner of Eliyahu HaNavi and Emek Beit She'an going north
  • Democrati - At the corner of Moshe Dayan going south
  • HaYoval - At the corners of Emek Dotan and Almagon, Emek Dotan and Khilit HaHarim on both sides and Emek Dotan and Haratsit
  • Nitzanim - At the both sides of Yitzhak Rabin next to t he school
  • Nahal Tsin Ganim - Next to the ganim on Nahal Tsin

The construction will begin this Sunday, July 11, 2010, and continue until August 19, 2010. During this period, there will be some traffic changes in which parts of the streets will be closed and public and private traffic will be redirected to alternative routes. Signs and notices will be published accordingly.

This work is a part of the larger plan to reduce the city's traffic. The above speed bumps are in addition to speed bumps that have already been placed at four other locations on Emek HaHula and Emek HaEla.

The city's residents are asked to drive safely and according to the road conditions, and follow all instructions and signs.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

3:45 PM

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